A local company produces medical compression socks that are produced to a patient's unique foot and leg measurements. The best way they found to get accurate measurements is with a 3DSystems scanner attached to an iPad. Running their own proprietary software they can walk a small circle around the patient and have all of the information they need to produce the sock. The only issue with this process is that 3DSystems does not sell a case to accompany the scanner which attaches directly to the iPad.
My responsibility is to design two cases, one designed for production with additive manufacturing and the other to be mass-produced with injection molding.
Design Considerations
- Ergonomic to hold while scanning a patient
   - A place for thumbs to rest away from on-screen buttons
   - Grips for fingers to wrap around, allowing one handed control if needed
- Clearance for scanner casing and optic's field of view
- Ability to protect scanner when iPad is set down
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