Inspired by a conversation with a colleague back in SF, I had an idea for improving the strength of SLA prints while also reducing consumable wear, if only marginally. Not to mention, if you are using lasers instead of projected UV light it could possibly print faster.
The basic idea is to create a lattice shell buried within the outer perimeter of a print. As long as the shell is not deeper than the depth of cure and the pockets are not taller than your resin level, you will be left with uncured resin pockets.
Not curing these sections leads to less UV light used and less degradation of your resin tray window. My theory is that this will then strengthen the part during post cure when the uncured pockets are cured and create stress along the outer profile, similar to tempered glass.
I say theory because I do not have access to SLA printers at this time and I don' think someone at Shapeways would humor a special request to print a custom file and record all steps of post-processing.
I'm learning OpenCV and OpenSCAD for this project and I can't wait to test it out with a printer. Even if it doesn't work as I hope, I know there's important information to gain.
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